8 awards at the 2023 DMAs!

We were thrilled to pick up 8 awards at this year’s national Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Awards, with recognition for all of our clients and the brilliant work of our team.

Gold – McDonald’s McNuggets® “Heroes of shared occasions” in Email

Gold – P&O Cruises “The Welcome Journey that listens” in Marketing Automation

Silver – P&O Cruises “The Welcome Journey that listens” in B2C

Silver – The Walt Disney Company “Bringing the magic to life” in Email

Silver – The Walt Disney Company “Bringing the magic to life” in Entertainment and Publishing

Bronze – McDonald’s Monopoly “Play and stay” in Customer Journey



The core of the Gold-winning McNugget campaign was bold and colourful, where playful copy combined with surprising interactive elements – like a nugget dipping into a limited edition sauce as users scrolled.

25% of total incremental orders were from first-time nugget orderers, which means we were successfully converting more of the nation into lovers of this iconic menu item. The result? A 52:1 ROI.

Read the case study.

“The Welcome Journey that listens” replicated the experience of working with a travel agent, through interactive, highly personalised emails, that listen to customers throughout the journey, using dynamic content and imagery that appears based on what guests interacted with

The journey delivered an ROI of 16:1. Conversion to booking increased by 86%. And lead time increased by 10%, meaning that P&O Cruises were filling their ships faster. Engagement was also higher – the overall open rate for the journey reached 63%, with an unprecedented 20% click-through rate – almost two and a half times the rate of the previous programme.

Read the case study.

“Bringing Disney magic to life in email” was all about reigniting guests’ engagement with the email programme. Combining cutting-edge technology, data analytics, creativity, and a deep understanding of guest preferences, we crafted emails laser-focused on driving engagement and value, while deepening data points within our first-party data.

In the year that the new programme launched, we delivered a 120% increase on the previous year’s incremental revenue total, from a guest database only 11% larger. Plus, a 15% boost in active customers, a 38% jump in unique clicks, and an impressive 26% boost in conversion.

Read the case study.

The annual MONOPOLY campaign is a tentpole moment in the McDonald’s calendar. Our strategy for 2022 was to leverage the excitement to get customers downloading the McDonald’s app, removing the biggest barrier to MyMcDonald’s Rewards sign up, then converting to long term Rewards users.

Delivering a 48:1 ROI, plus The incremental sign ups to MyMcDonald’s Rewards at a rate 34% above control, a 10% increase in customers playing the MONOPOLY game, and an 8% increase in total plays overall, the results speak for themselves.