What does CRM mean to us?

When you ask most people what CRM means, you’ll get one of two answers.

One is that it’s software – systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive – that stores information about customers and prospects. The second would be that it’s a method of communicating with customers, using information about them to build relationships.

At Armadillo, we specialise in the second kind. So, we asked our people what CRM means to them, to discover what they think of what we do and how it works…


“CRM to me is the beautiful interaction between a customer’s data and the creative output they see in their communications in order to help customers make better choices and purchase decisions for themselves. At Armadillo, being a Senior Account Director is more than being accountable for the output of the work, it’s about putting your clients needs and challenges first and getting the best out of the data, tech and creative solution.”

Becky Howell, Senior Account Director


“I’ve worked with both types of CRM, from email campaigns at TUI to specialising in the HubSpot CRM platform, so I was familiar with the concept from both angles. Ultimately, CRM is relationship management – the software side is about saving information and logging contacts, and email CRM is all about communicating with customers, building that relationship, and using data to deliver scalable, targeted comms – they’re two sides of the relationship coin.

My background with CRM for a massive global brand meant that I had plenty of experience with segmentation and understanding how different audiences need different messaging and different journeys. That enabled me to quickly pick up the way we do things here at Armadillo.”

Natalie Howells, Senior Copywriter


“CRM is a process in which a business, company or organisation manages its interaction and builds relationships with customers using strategy, data, insight/analysis, technology, creativity and innovation. I know it sounds cliche but it’s all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time with the right personalised content and on the right channel. Companies need to create meaningful relationships with their customers.

I have over 10 years of experience in working in CRM across different platforms and because I have always been agency side, it has allowed me to gain valuable experience across so many different sectors. I have worked with clients in finance, travel, food & drink, entertainment and healthcare to name a few and the CRM behind each is different. 

As I have worked across so many different clients, each with its own challenges, it has allowed me to gain experience across the board in terms of running discovery workshops, scoping solutions and producing specs/documents, running training sessions, and implementing solutions across different CRM platforms.”

Yusuf Muhammad, Principal Campaign Manager 


“CRM is using customer behaviours and data to influence and create more bespoke and personalised communications. By providing the consumer with the most relevant marketing we help to create a long and prosperous relationship between the customer and the brand.”

Siri Thomas, Project Manager


“CRM is all about understanding your audience/customers and ensuring they have the best experience overall by delivering the right messages or content to the right people at the right time. I have a general marketing background and lots of experience with crm tools and platforms so I contribute that overall customer-centric view and principles of marketing with the technical know-how to deliver the end result of getting the right messages to the right people.”

Amy Hurd, Campaign Manager


As you can see, CRM means a lot to our teams! 

The main thing is that CRM is a unique and powerful method of building relationships with customers, by using the information we know about them to deliver personalised, relevant, and useful communications. It’s about communicating with the right people, at the right time, with the right message – something no other channel can do to the same degree. 

What does CRM mean to you?