McNuggets® – heroes of shared occasions

What was the brief?

McDonald’s wanted to gain an even bigger share of ‘shared occasions’, typically the heartland of some of their key competitors. Using the wealth of order data available to us, could we find a way to get customers putting the Golden Arches first when planning to eat together?

What was the strategy?

Make a hero of simple but mighty Chicken McNuggets®. Celebrate their power to bring people together while using highly targeted behavioural messaging and incentives, driven by customer data, to drive the next best sharing occasion for each customer, whether in-restaurant or at home with McDelivery®.

What was the campaign solution?

Put the McNugget in the spotlight it deserves. Showcase its deliciousness, celebrate its dip-ability and dare customers to decide who is worthy enough to share with. We stretched the capability of email to create playful, interactive and conversational communications that inspired action in a highly targeted and creative way.

What were the results?

Did this saucy campaign deliver? It did indeed. Incremental revenue that delivered an ROI of 52:1 to be precise – with a 7% uplift in McDelivery® orders among eligible customers, and 42k orders from first-time McNugget orderers.

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Campaign in Detail


First, we dug into the data.

After Fries, Chicken McNuggets® are the most loved product among MyMcDonald’s Rewards customers, with over 70% ordering them in the previous 12 months. Deeper analysis of order data showed us that 79% of app orders containing Chicken McNuggets® have the profile of a shared occasion (an order for two or more people). What’s more, the most shareable item on the McDonald’s menu, the 20 Chicken McNuggets® Sharebox®, was present in over 50% of all McDelivery® orders.

We’d found our golden insight – McNuggets® were the perfect product to drive more shared occasions, especially those high-value shared occasions at home.

Next, we segmented the audience by McDelivery® usage. The eligibility of non-users was determined by mapping customer postcodes to delivery coverage data, giving us three behaviourally-driven segments to focus our messaging strategy around.

A focus on Limited Edition sauces that wouldn’t hang around for long gave all audiences a reason to order now. McDelivery® was promoted to all eligible customers, with MyMcDonald’s Rewards Bonus Points incentive offered to new users of McDelivery® when they ordered McNuggets®.

Sharing occasions were stimulated through an upsell to larger boxes of McNuggets® alongside a playful call to action to join the wider social campaign and consider who you’d deem #McNuggetWorthy.

Our carefully phased programme of 3 emails plus behavioural app pushes made a hero of the simple McNugget and its power to bring people together, while using highly targeted behavioural messaging and incentives to drive action.


It would be easy to focus a sharing campaign around images of groups of people, but Chicken McNuggets® had been identified as the key to unlocking these shared occasions and deserved their place in the spotlight.

A bold, colourful campaign, where playful copy juxtaposed drool-worthy photography, allowed the product to be the hero while inspiring those sharing occasions.

Maximising the creative capability of the email channel, we used an innovative parallax effect so that the central McNugget appears to move down the email as the customer scrolls, eventually dunking dramatically into a delicious dip, before disappearing behind the next content piece.

The interactivity didn’t stop there.

We used toggles to let customers tell us how they wanted to order, which through #McNuggetWorthy messaging, also helped up-sell to a 20 Chicken McNugget® Sharebox®.

We introduced playful hotspots to allow customers to explore limited sauces, find out more about their favourite flavours and get excited to try them with McNuggets®.

Calls to action were layered throughout the emails, with conversational copy and invitations to respond, continuing the friendly feel of the overall campaign. We wanted the emails to feel like you were conversing with the mates you were going to share your nuggets with, so it had to be chatty and two-way, not a traditional brand product push. Dip, dip hooray!

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