Bringing Disney Magic into Email

What was the brief?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, our Disney guests’ interaction with our email programme had dwindled, taking revenue down with it. Our mission? To breathe new life into guest engagement, reignite revenue streams, and deliver the Disney magic to supercharge the programme’s future success.

What was the strategy?

We embarked on a year-long journey that would redefine what is possible within email marketing. Through a fusion of cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and a deep understanding of guest preferences, we crafted a programme to drive engagement and value, and deepen data points within our first-party data.

What was the campaign solution?

Unleash the extraordinary within email, infusing it with the genuine magic and boundless joy found across Disney’s cherished properties. Create a truly innovative technological foundation for the program, empowering an unparalleled degree of interactivity that ignites customer engagement and fuels action like never before.

What were the results?

Measured against control groups, the interactivity-focused program achieved remarkable results: 15% boost in active customers, a 38% jump in unique clicks, and an impressive 26% boost in conversion. This heightened engagement directly translated into enhanced guest value, with a staggering 120% surge in incremental revenue compared to the previous year.

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Campaign in Detail


We know that two metrics directly influence a Disney guest’s long term value: the number of different categories they engage with, and the depth of that engagement.

Disney’s EMEA email programme was an engine of this engagement, but in 2022 response had started to falter, as disrupted customer behaviours settled into new patterns.

Our strategy needed to influence both of these levers – while allowing us to collect valuable, actionable customer insights – conveying the joy of Disney within this typically performance-focused channel.

We set out to elevate the inbox experience beyond imagination, delivering the innovation, magic and wonder that Disney is famous for. We’d stretch the art of the possible to make emails more interactive and more clickable than ever before – an unparalleled, year-long customer experience.

This focus on hyper-interactivity had two core strategic purposes:

  1. Wow customers with something they’d never seen before, inspiring action through a true sense of wonder.
  2. Drive maximum engagement within the email itself. Following Apple’s Privacy Policy changes, click-based interactivity would allow us to identify active customers, deepen our first-party data, and progressively optimise the effectiveness of the programme and future communications.

The programme was ambitious to say the least – a year-long strategy, planned around 18 tentpole moments in the calendar and deployed across 13 EMEA countries. Behavioural segmentation, created from multiple data points, ensured that we maximised every cross-sell opportunity across Disney’s portfolio – from movies and merchandise to theme parks and West End shows – and properties, such as Marvel and Star Wars.


Crafting truly enchanting email experiences can be challenging. However, our approach was centered on bringing the Disney magic into our messages.

Typically, interactive experiences need tools like JavaScript – but those don’t work in this channel.

We had to find a way to make HTML and CSS work in ways they weren’t designed to. We iterated until we had a code base capable of delivering interactive and responsive content reliably, in every possible email client. And we created fall-back web pages that seamlessly mirrored those interactive experiences for guests on email browsers that couldn’t support them.

This technological backbone then enabled us to create a programme of phenomenally innovative, unique campaigns across the year.

Imagine being able to complete a word search or a crossword actually inside an email? Our enchanting Encanto and Disney Knowledge emails did just this, with tap to play interactivity and a pop-up keyboard.

Other emails invited customers to interact in new ways. For the Andor release, the entire email was concealed behind an imposing ship, which flew out of the way only when tapped, revealing the drama and spectacle of the Star Wars Universe.

For Marvel’s She Hulk, guests had to ‘crack’ the screen before they could access the content.

Halloween offered the perfect opportunity to create a tarot card-inspired interactive game. Tap a card and see it flip before your eyes, revealing the spooky characters.

Our tech innovation delivered pure magic in each email, with relevant cross-sell and commercial calls to action providing more ways to engage.

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