Dare to be judged

For a piece of work to win a DMA award a specialist judge has to believe in it. They must have spent time understanding the strategy, reviewing the results and be left wishing they’d come up with it! This year we’re proud to have three members of our team selected as judges covering expertise from across Armadillo.

We harness Strategy, Data, Creativity & Tech to deliver effective CRM. So to be chosen to judge Best Customer Retention Programme, Best Use of Email, and Technology plays to our strengths.

Fiona Craig, Armadillo’s Planning and Strategy Director who is judging Best Customer Retention Programme says:

I’m looking for a genuine value exchange that is delivered consistently to existing customers in a way that is fresh, useful and/or entertaining.

Too often existing customers are de-prioritised in favour of new ones, or data is gathered with no real plan or intention for long-term engagement. I’m interested in any brand who has managed to balance the needs and interests of customers with their own desire to promote and push.

It’s a rare balance, much spoken about but not often delivered. Let’s see whether any of the entrants to this new category have got what it takes.”

Rob Pellow, Digital Experience Director, is judging Best Use of Email – a category that Armadillo won last year. He says:

I’m excited to see how people are looking beyond just the single email in question.  

I’m hoping for either some amazing joined up journeys – showing how people’s behaviour and data is being used to determine the experience they get – or evidence of how those things have led to a single email being hugely effective.

If there are bits of interactivity, I’m looking for evidence of how that would inform future campaigns.”

We look forward to seeing the winning entries when they are announced.