Why Armadillo?

Did you know we’re hiring?! There are over ten new roles currently up for grabs at the agency and we’re looking forward to welcoming in some fresh new talent.  

But why work for Armadillo?  

We asked four new Armadillo team members what it was about Armadillo that made them apply for the role, and more importantly if those expectations stand up now that they’ve got the job.  


Why Armadillo? Here’s what they said… 



Working at Armadillo seemed like a fantastic opportunity, and now, as a Campaign Manager at Armadillo, I know that to be true. I really loved seeing the ‘meet the team’ section on the website and looking at everyone’s pictures and quotes. The interview process was fantastic too. My interview with James might actually be my favourite interview I’ve ever done. It felt genuine and conversational.  




Everybody wants to work on McDonald’s and Disney, they’re two of the biggest brand names out there. And now is a really exciting time in CRM. I wasn’t disappointed – since starting at Armadillo I’ve been able to work on some really fun new projects. The onboarding process has been smooth, and I’ve enjoyed my first 2 weeks.



I love CRM. I find the industry incredibly fascinating. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to work with big names like McDonald’s and Disney? The agency does some incredibly impressive work and I’m thrilled to be a part of that. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. 





What really interested me in working for Armadillo was that they’re really invested in innovation, testing new things and pushing boundaries. My first interview was with Rob and Hannah. They were really lovely and chatty.

It was like meeting friends. In my next interview, I was given a task to carry out and that was great as it was good to get a real feel of what the work was like and how long I would get to do it. A month into the role and it’s going well. Everyone is really lovely!