Targeting audiences in a cookieless world

Recently, Joanna Penn, Armadillo Managing Director, was featured in a Shopify article discussing all things first-party data.  

The article by Holly Stanley explores how brands are shifting to using first-party data and building better relationships with customers. Currently, 52% of marketers are prioritising the collection of more first-party data from digital experiences due to regulations.  

Jo explains in more detail: “Giving their first party data to you means a customer has chosen to have a relationship with you and, as with any relationship, the more valuable it is, the more connected you are and the more information they are happy to provide. This relationship should be mutually valuable.” 

“First party data can be collected in many ways but the important thing to remember is that this value exchange is vital. Only collect what you need; be clear on what the customer benefit is from giving you their data; how you will use it responsibly; and how what you collect can be changed when they want to. “  

“First party data can be used to understand and segment your customers based on historical interest. If you personalise what you send or suggest to them you improve conversion rate, basket size and repeat purchase rates.  It also allows you to embed ‘Test & Learn’ into your activity – testing with a small number of customers to help predict impact.” 

“The main problem we see is retailers collecting a wealth of data on an individual and then not using it to personalise their experience; it’s a wasted opportunity to show me you know and value me as a customer. First party data collected and applied correctly can help your brand stand out amongst the mega brands.” 

To read more of Jo’s contribution to the piece, along with what other businesses are doing to attract and retain talent read the full article on Shopify.