Persuading consumers to trust you with their data

Consumer data is an enormously important asset for today’s marketers, whether they’re working for a start-up or an established brand. But consumers are increasingly suspicious of where and how their data is used, and about what they’re really getting in return. So, how can marketers better reassure consumers and persuade them to trust your brand with their data? 


The ‘trust’ of consumers with data is largely implicit with a trust of a particular brand 


You can’t separate trust of data with trust in any other consumer touchpoint. An organisation is going to struggle to get the consumer to hand over data if their other dealings don’t fill the consumer with trust. This could include any from poor customer service or an inaccessible website to hidden costs. 


Start with a value exchange 


It’s important to start with a value exchange around something that’s important and relevant to the customer. Something that’s worth them engaging and exchanging data for. Then reinforce this trust by always using their data in a way that improves their experience. 


Never revert to ‘legal’ speak 


Fully transparent language helps, especially if the brand tone of voice is maintained during the opt-in process. Too many sites revert to ‘legal’ language at this point, when there is really no need – just a clear and straightforward message in a tone of voice that the consumer recognises, and already trusts. 



This article first appeared on The Drum.