Celebrating creativity this Christmas

Four cards, four unique designs, by four of our talented people

To round off 2019, we’re celebrating creativity at Armadillo. Set the challenge to represent Christmas in their own artistic style, Carolyn, Chris, Ella and Evelyn produced a set of cards that we’re incredibly proud of. So much so that we’re sending them far and wide with our very best wishes and even selling them for charity, to support Caring in Bristol

‘Linoprint Pudding’ by Carolyn Carswell, Conceptual Copywriter

This golden, caramel circle of deliciousness started its life as a hand-cut lino print. It was then scanned so that it could be digitally printed, but still maintains the texture of the original piece.

Carolyn says:
“There’s something particularly soothing about using tools to create. Lino-cutting is quick and rewarding – but often surprising. You never know how it’s going to look until you peel back the paper to reveal the print…”

‘What a Load of Baubles’ by Chris Quenon, Lead Motion Designer

Chris had a clear idea of what he wanted to create and the result is beautiful.

Chris says:
“As soon as I saw the brief I knew that I wanted to concentrate on baubles, and the reflections they contain. I developed my ideas in pen and then used my Mac for ‘colouring in’. I love the subtle reflection of myself and the Armadillo office. Also baubles are a little cheesy and chintzy, like me!”

‘Santa: Behind the Beard’ by Evelyn Tabares, Creative Digital Designer

We challenge anyone to look at this and not smile. There are no bits of mince pie in this Santa’s beard, just a joyous, wintry Christmas scene.

Evelyn says:
“Illustration fascinates me and I’ve recently been developing digital and handcrafted collages. This Christmas brief was the perfect opportunity to explore a mix of both. It’s amazing how a few shadows can create depth and realism, so you almost feel like you’re skating in Santa’s beard.”

‘Late Night Shopping’ by Ella Johnson, Creative Digital Designer

Stylish and chic, this could only be Ella’s. A published illustrator, Ella is skilled at tackling challenging subjects in a sensitive and engaging way.

Ella says:
“2019 was a difficult year for me because I lost my Grandma. Every year, when talking about Christmas presents, my family and I would always conclude that our presence was all we wanted. It’s become a tradition that no matter how busy we are, we set aside an evening of late night shopping in Bath. This illustration is of me and my Grandma, and is part of an ongoing series which reflects the people I love in my life. ”

Support Caring in Bristol

If you’d like to support Caring in Bristol, we’re selling packs of 4 cards, 1 of each design, for just £3, with all profits going to the charity. Just pop into our Bristol office and ask for me or Sophy Wells. (Cash only please!)

If you’ve already sorted your cards this year, but still want to help make a difference, head over to the Caring in Bristol website to make a donation.


Keep an eye on our Instagram throughout December for more images of the designs. 

Wishing you every happiness this festive season and throughout the coming year.