CEO, James Ray, scoops award for best supplier at McDonald’s AGM 2018

We are proud to announce that our CEO, James Ray, has been recognised as an outstanding individual within the McDonald’s corporation and was awarded the Three Legged Stool award for best supplier of 2018.

Built upon the ideas of Ray Kroc, McDonald’s first franchising agent, the three legged stool award recognises the partnership between McDonald’s three ‘legs’; its franchisees, its suppliers and its employees. The award is presented to those who not only deliver results but, demonstrate commitment and true passion, helping to keep the McDonald’s foundation strong.

The McDonald’s ethos; “Customer Obsessed, Better Together and Committed to Lead” is something that Ray encapsulates in all his work. With astounding passion for the business, his heart and soul goes into everything he does. Exemplifying the unique culture of McDonald’s, Ray is always working one step ahead to make sure he and his team are delivering first-rate service.

The proof is always in the pudding: Armadillo’s work has received incredible results for McDonald’s throughout the years. This includes feats such as a 52% increase in click rates during the McDonald’s cool collection campaign.

Ray commented, “It was an honour to receive this award, it’s fantastic to know that Armadillo’s hard work is being given the recognition it deserves. I must add that whilst it was my name up on the screen at the AGM, I cannot stress enough that without the fantastic team behind me, receiving that award would have been impossible. Their hard work and dedication is second to none and I can’t thank them enough.”

Steve Jefferys, Client Service Director for Armadillo, added;

It’s a fantastic win for both James and the team. We are all extremely proud of him and look forward to what the next year is going to bring for our partnership with McDonald’s.