What’s it like to work at Armadillo?

Joining a new company is a big step, both for you and us. 

We need the right person to help drive us forward and deliver against our objectives. And you need to know you’re joining a business where you can grow, thrive, and enjoy coming to work every day.

So we wanted to share more about working at Armadillo.

Our values

Our values aren’t just words written on a piece of paper. They guide our actions, unite us and define our brand.

We challenge: asking good questions, being curious, looking for learning opportunities, collaborating to find solutions and supporting each other.

We craft: looking through the client’s eyes to anticipate their reaction, stepping back to consider ‘is this the very best I can do?’, taking feedback onboard, not looking for someone to blame but considering how to make things better.

We deliver: measuring and sharing results in a way everyone can understand, treating Clients’ budgets as if they were our own, recognising and thanking people, keeping an eye on the future to solve problems before they become bigger, being specific in asking for help.

We encourage everyone to regularly check in and consider how their behaviours and actions reflect these values, and to share positive feedback when we see our team mates demonstrating these values too. 

Hub structure

Our teams are built around our clients, which means we have a crystal-clear view of client priorities and improved productivity across complex projects.

So, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with people from different disciplines, and influence projects from start to finish. 

Management and support

Traditionally, a line manager is one person who helps us prioritise, get better at our jobs and is a general all-round source of support. Sometimes we get lucky, but generally it’s quite a tall order to expect all this from one person. 

Our approach is based on the principle that the different dimensions of management, support and accountability can actually come from different people. So, at Armadillo, you’ll have two: a Hub Lead, and a Pro. 

Your Hub Lead provides clarity on overall client-based objectives, deliverables, priorities and budgets, meaning you are clear about what you’re delivering on a daily/weekly basis, and how your role contributes to the wider business. 

Your Pro is someone you can turn to for help in developing your subject matter expertise, to help you understand how you can improve your technical skills, get better at your job and deliver higher quality outputs.

Professional coaching

Everyone at Armadillo has the support of Jo Emerson, a professional coach, who will help you increase your awareness, insight and available choice in a given situation, and influence your understanding, learning, behaviour and progress. 

Coaching can be a really powerful tool in developing self-awareness, autonomy and motivation and is an important part of growth and development that can often be overlooked, underestimated or simply deprioritised in the pace of agency life. With coaching, you will feel supported and guided towards motivation and growth, and have control over your attitude, development and career.


At Armadillo, we want you to think big and we know that means that sometimes, it won’t work. And we’re fine with that, as long as we’re learning from mistakes and moving forward.

So instead of the goals and objectives you may be used to, we set OKRs. These are split into two clear parts: Objectives (what you need to achieve) and Key Results (what concrete measure can be used to establish how close you’ve got). 

OKRs are managed by you, but visible to everyone in the business. They are designed to be stretching and ambitious, and are measured in terms of ‘how close have you got’, rather than ‘did you hit it’.

If you’re interested in finding out more about OKRs, head to our blog.

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