Web design in 2020 – Trends, Tips and Terrors

Website Builder Expert recently asked our very own Ella Johnson for her expert opinion on digital design trends to look out for in 2020.

Here are some key takeouts from Ella:

3D Graphics

3D rendered design is popular for upping the after effects, making things look really smooth and satisfying. There’s been a big uptake in the use of Cinema 4D to add 3D after effects, and I think this is only set to grow in popularity.

Designers are stepping away from vivid, bright colors and moving more towards muted and pastel colors. This looks especially effective in 3D illustrated artwork where compositions are created with smooth shadows and soft natural lighting, creating a visually pleasing scene.

Illustrations and Animations

Illustration, particularly vector illustration, is making a comeback – more so than realistic drawing. Because of this, I would expect to see a continued use of patterns and bold colors to enhance images. Vector illustration is great, as it can be used widely and has a handy small file size – and who doesn’t love a little doodle!

Outlined Fonts

We’ve been seeing a lot of outlined typography recently – Huawei and Clarks being two examples – and it’s our strongest trend prediction for 2020. It’s popular in video (particularly music videos), as it’s really effective when you animate.

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