Armadillo Board Members qualified with the Institute of Directors


Congratulations to our CFO, Andy Brown, and Chairman, Chris Thurling, who have both qualified with the Institute of Directors as Chartered Directors.With fewer than 2,000 Chartered Directors worldwide, the qualification demonstrates their commitment to investing in continual development, as well as the business’s dedication to corporate and social governance.   

Chris Thurling comments: “We understand that strengthening our skills as chartered directors should mean we are able to better serve Armadillo, supporting sustainable, long-term growth. A company director is a profession (as much as an accountant for example) therefore why shouldn’t we be qualified for the role?” 

Andy Brown adds: “I’m really pleased that Chris and I have been able to complete this training and qualification together. As well as learning more about strong leadership, governance and strategy, we’ve had the advantage of the shared experience of completing this together and bringing ideas back to enhance Armadillo’s Board effectiveness.” 

Chris and Andy will also be joining the South West chartered directors network. With members representing agriculture, aerospace, tourism and manufacturing, IoD South West reflects the vibrant and innovative sectors in the region. The Institute of Directors (IoD) is a British professional organisation for company directors, senior business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is the UK’s longest running organisation for professional leaders and is an extremely prestigious qualification to hold. Armadillo are really moving forward and prioritising career development, so for our directors to represent this is great for our employees to see. There’s always an opportunity to develop your career, no matter what position you’re in. We are very proud of Andy and Chris’ dedication to improve their role as part of Armadillo’s board of directors.